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:: Group Packages

To help you plan a budget we offer the following group packages for groups of 5 or more:

$25/player includes:

rental equipment as needed
500 rounds of paint
all day air

Group HINT #1: You should bring a cooler full of ice and drinks. We generally don't stop for lunch, but it is perfectly fine for your group to take lunch break.

Group HINT #2: During lunch ask to speak to the head ref about your guest of honor who wants to be the President of Gugaluga...

:: Corporate Events

Are you looking to help turn that loose knit team of office workers into a well tuned corporate assault force - or perhaps reward your workers and managers with a day on the boss to blow off a little steam - well paintball is well suited as it cycles the adrenaline up and down, and compels the meek to face and concur a few fears - not to mention the teamwork & communications required to play paintball effectively.

A large group (20+) should schedule at least a week in advance, and make sure to let us know what time you will be there. It takes a little time to prepare the rental equipment, so please don't surprise us. We suggest you arrive at least by 9:00am to get signed in, equipped, briefed on the safety rules and maybe get a game or two in before the smaller groups and regulars arrive. This will give your group confidence and a little experience. Unless special arrangement are made, we usually try to mix the large groups with everyone else while spreading out the experienced players across both teams. Most groups resist this a little to start - and we understand - but to be honest - the more, the merrier. So plan on mixing it up by noon. If at noon you really want to focus on team building and want to keep your private group private, we can accommodate you.

Each game starts with a few minutes for each team to formulate a plan, the whistle blows and the plans go into action. Each game lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. And most of the time we come back to the "compound" between games to clean off, cool down and load up.

With 82 acres of huge hardwood trees covered rolling hills (roped into more than 10 fields) we have to work pretty hard to actually play the same field twice. If we do, it is usually a vastly different game, or occasionally one team just demands a chance to get even...

:: More FAQS

"Can I bring my own paint?" : No - please only use field paint.

"Can I bring my own paintball gun?" - Of course, however we do not allow full-auto paintguns and we ask those with "turbo triggers" turn them off. - And everyone must chrono below 280 fps. HINT : Plug your gun and keep it that way until told otherwise.

"What about rentals?" : We rent Airgun Designs Tippman 98s and BT4's - and we adjust them to shoot just as fast as the guns the regulars use. We also rent protective masks - and every one wears a mask!

"What should I wear?": layers of old dark cloths or layers of camouflage, good high tops or hiking boots. Paintball paint does wash out easily, but can leave a stain on light colors.

:: Great Group Games

Total Elimination Antietam - a good warm up game - 8 acre field, heavily wooded and some man made bunkers. Objective : totally eliminate the other team. Last team standing at the end of 10 to 15 minutes wins.

Two Flag Antietam - Objective: either go get their flag and bring it back and hang it on your flag station. First team to hand their opponents flag wins.

HINT : dont bunch up, do cover the boundary tapes, don't leave defenders behind to "guard the flag", when moving and defending use crossfire for effect.

Hostage Rescue at The Tower - fight through the defenders to rescue the poor 25 gallon plastic drums from their peril. This game forces at least a little teamwork and communication as the tower is VERY DEFENSIBLE and only a coordinated attack will subdue it. Likewise defending it against superior numbers is no cakewalk, particularly after you loose a few teammates.

Attacker HINT : Work together in small groups using overwhelming & coordinated fire to advance. And watch out for the Duck Box!!!

Tower Variation : The Amazing Tree of Life - not to be confused with any religious symbolism, but more like a really fast medic. Get hit, go back to the tree of life and go back in. This variation is GREAT for groups of new players to help them stay in the game and bolster a little bravery.

GROUP HINT : put a few managers in the tower, overwhelm one side with a barage of paint, and then rush them.

Search & Destroy : For this game we "volunteer" a few managers and send them out on Antietam or Bunker Hill and give them a few minutes to hide. Then we turn a vastly superior force loose to find them. This is a great way for the employees to get a a little pay back.

The President of Gugaluga Game : Gugaluga is bent on enslaving the galaxy and must be stopped. The Defenders of Earth must seek and eliminate the leader before he can escape the planet. Gugaluga's president has his body guards who are escorting him to his mother ship in a hasty retreat - and they must be stopped before they reach the ship. (This game is great for a general manager or owner in need of some special attention. )

Control The POW Camp : With each team at opposite ends, the whistle blows and who ever has the most players on the island at the end of the game wins. Simple in concept, but the obvious can be a trap.

Team Leader HINT : Watch your back door.

Custom Game Options: If you have something in mind, we can work with you to help make sure your corporate outing is fun and fullfilling - after all, we want you to come back.

  429 Koon Store Rd.
Columbia, SC 29203
  Sat & Sun 9am-5pm