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:: TriggerTyme's Recball Safety Briefing 

"Welcome to TriggerTyme Paintball - and Thank you for coming. My name is ___________ and I'm here to make sure we all have some good safe fun. We have some few rules and regulations, so please listen up."

GOGGLES: "Goggles must be worn once you leave the compound. Don't take them off. if you fog up try moving your head side to side or moving. The air flow should help clear them, but don't take them off. And you must wear your goggles on the chrono range."

BARREL PLUGS AND BAGS: "In the compound leave your gun plugged. You will be told when to pull your plugs on the field, and when you are eliminated holler OUT, plug your gun, and hold you gun UP (DEMONSTRATE THIS) to let the other players know you are out and to not shoot you any more - then quietly and quickly walk off the field and wait for us, we may do a turn-around. As you walk, don't talk and rat out the sneaky players. Dead men don't talk."

HITS: "Hits on your gun don't count. Hits on or below the knee or elbow don't count. The ball MUST BREAK. Keep playing."

PAINT CHECKS: "If you feel a paintball hit you - check your self. It must break on you. If you see a quarter sized paint splat, you are out. If you feel for it and your hand comes back with paint on it, you are out. If you can't reach it, call for a paint check and we will check you or ask a buddy to check you.

280FPS: "All players with your own markers, please chrono your markers below 280 feet per second"

FIELD PAINT ONLY: "Only paint purchases here may be used at TriggerTyme. We are very competitive with Walmart, K-Mart and Dicks, and our paint is very fresh."

VALUABLES: "Please do not take keys, cell phones or valuables on the field."

TURN AROUND GAMES: "We will frequently play at least two or three games in a row while out on the field, so you may want to bring a wad of toilet paper for your goggles and a tube of extra paint in case we play a turn around."

BUNKER TAGS: Bunker Tag rules are in effect for all fields unless otherwise indicated. A Bunker is any object that a player can hide behind. Rather than pop over the top of a bunker and shoot a player at close range, we require you to tag the bunker. When a bunker is tagged, all opponent players behind that bunker are eliminated.

5 MINUTE TURN AROUNDS: "When we return back here to the compound, we will return to play the next game in five minutes - so please hurry and get your gear together."

TAG OR SURRENDER RULES: If you are within 10 feet of an opposing player, we strongly recommend asking for a surrender or tagging the player rather than shooting them. For a surrender, ask the player to "Take the hit".

BALANCE OF EXPERIENCE: "When we pick teams we will try hard to keep friends and groups together and to spread the experienced players out to make the teams as even as possible. Occasionally this may result in one team having fewer players. If one team keeps winning we will move players around to help balance things out. Please don't switch teams behind my back as balancing the teams is hard enough as it is."

6 BALLS PER SECOND: "When we are playing regular paintball games, we have a 6 balls a second restriction. If you see any player who seems to really be dumping paint much faster than our rental guns, please bring it to a refs attention and we will deal with it.

**************ANNOUNCEMENTS ***************************

>> SCENARIO GAMES : _______________________________________________

We strongly recommend you to load your markers and test fire them at the chrono station over there. Remember to goggle up first.
First game starts in a few minutes. NOW SADDLE UP.