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Del joined TriggerTyme in 2005 as operations manager - and currently is the guy in charge on a day to day basis. Want to book an event, or have special requests? ask Del. He is also known to have some incredibly creative ideas for recball play and scenario games - with a heart for leading the younger players to work together as a team, and squad level tactics. Del is 100% committed to the players having FUN.


Mylan - extraordinary ref and man of the hour when the paint hits the fan.


Possom - well we haven't seen Possom recently. It's rumored he's playing dead, but he is a solid ref with playing abilities well beyond his years.


Rick is an excellent ref. Soft spoken, but everywhere he needs to be - all at once. One of the few remaining members of team Silent Thunder .

Pumba commands authority - and he is an awesome ref when the paint hits the fan - especially during heavy fire fights. Pumba also heads up managerial duties every Sunday to give Del a day to play.
:: The Missing LINK
Link : the other remaining members of team Silent Thunder - presently on active duty in Germany. On the field Link is certainly unmistakable. He is eight ft tall, and louder than a C4 transport jet during takeoff. Link is an experienced scenario producer and head ref. Playing & reffing experience dating back to before 1990.



Robert "Robbie" Murphy owns the business - and occasionally makes an appearance. Robbie plays on occasion but is more focused on making sure the bills get paid, and Del has all of the paint and air he needs.

Robbie bought the field in 2004 from Brian "Itchy" Finger, who got it from Jimmy Allen, who inherited it from Dennis Day, who originally formed it with a few partners at a field near the VA hospital. Ask TW for the details. . I'm pretty sure Laurel Irving had an interest during the early days, as did David "Bulldog" Phipher.


Patrick is a ref in-training - and when on the field Patrick is one deadly shot at long distance w/ his tasty Sniper II.


Wilson : extraordinary ref when things get dicey. Member of team Slacker's Motivated. Wheelin' and dealin' since 1998


Justin : a solid ref who occasionally helps out during big events - and always where he is needed the most.


Greg - a solid ref - but you see he is a bit hard to catch.


 Mike "Bigfoot"     A ref you can rely on.


Best 17 year old ref around