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:: North & West Side Games
Ft Apache - Ho Chi Minh Trail - Two Flag ***

No Mans Land - Two Flag **

No Mans Land - Cops and Robbers **
Vampire @ Graveyard ***
Bunker Hill - Two Flag ***
Jail Break on Antietam w/ 3 min Tree ***
Jail Break on Bunker Hill w/ 3 min Tree ***
Antietam - Two Flag
The Alamo - Attack & Defend Base
Antietam+Bunker Hill - Search and Destroy **
:: East & South Side Games
Blitzrkrieg at Village w/ 3 min. TOL **
Food Fight - Two Flag **
The Island of Dr. Moreau - w/ 5 min. TOL **
Village vs Tower - Two Flag **
Control the POW Camp
The Tower - Hostage Rescue w/ 4 min. TOL
The President Game



:: Background..

Way back in the dawn of mankind, men would fight and sneak in to each others camps to steal a piece of meat or a woman or two.. And here we are a few years later, and some odd hunter/gather/ sneak-in-to-the-guys-camp-and -steal-his-women instincts remain. And with paintball, we can live out these primitive instincts in the spirit of FUN! And instead of using women or meat, we use flags - and hence, the game of capture the flag was born - with very clear understandable goals. Since many of our veteran players may have played capture the flag a few times already, we have lots of variations - and are continuously seeking fun challenging games. We also include little twists to give the new player additional abilities - the most common of these is the amazing tree of life..

With 82 acres of huge hardwood trees covered rolling hills the variety of games is only limited to our imagination and here are a few of our favorites..

Antietam is a fairly square wooded field with a small dry creek bed running down the center, that over the years has made the field into a valley. There is a strategic low spot in the middle most folks don't like to be caught in. The field is bordered on the west and south by yellow rope, to the east by a dirt road (that is only sometime used as a boundary) and to the north we include an imaginary line at the Bunker hill fort.
::Total Elimination ANTIETAM

Total Elimination ANTIETAM - a good warm up game - sometimes played on "half field" for smaller groups.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : property line - and creek bed for small groups

:: Two Flag & Center Flag on ANTIETAM

Two Flag & Center Flag on ANTIETAM - either go get their flag and bring it back, or get the middle flag at take it to where they started from.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : property line

:: Search & Destroy on ANTIETAM

Search & Destroy on ANTIETAM: For this game the refs "volunteer" a few victims (15% to 20% w/ lots of experience) and send them out on Antietam (or Bunker Hill for larger groups) and give them a few minutes to hide. Then they turn a vastly superior force loose to find them. This is a great way for a group of new players to get a little pay back.

Time Limit: 20 minutes
Boundaries : property line & road

:: 2 on 2 on 2 - DESTROY!! on ANTIETAM

2 on 2 on 2 - DESTROY!! on ANTIETAM: This is a great end of the day game. All players move down to the center of Antietam and break into pairs. (partners). All stand in circle facing out. When the whistle blows, start running. When it blows again, start shooting. If you get eliminated, go back to field entry sign, tag it, and pick up (or wait on) a new partner and come back in and keep going.

Time Limit: 20 to 40 minutes at refs discretion
Boundaries : property line & road

:: Jail Break on ANTIETAM -- TW / Survival Game

All players start at the remote staging area.
Played as something fun to do on the way back to the compound - 20% of the total pulls off their armbands at the remote staging area (the jailbirds)- and everyone else is a prison warden. The jailbirds have a 9 second head start, and may exit the field to the compound and ring the bell at end to of 10 minutes, but not before. The wardens must hunt them down. All eliminated players go back to the compound.

The start of this is always exciting.. And Antietam is a good field for running starts.

Time Limit: 10 minutes with 4 minute tree of life for the Wardens
Boundaries : property line & road



Bunker Hill is a large wooded field with a swamp running down the middle starting at the north end, and fading into a dry creek bed at the south end. The swamp and creek rarely have water in them, but it does happen. Some killer stands of high grass in the middle are terrifying to approach. The west boundary is high on a hill with a 30' vertical drop down to the creek bed and swamp. The east boundary rises also, but not as dramatic. The Base at Bunker Hill sits a top a steep incline you may not wish to climb head on. Yellow property line ropes provide boundaries for the north and west sides, a dirt road to the east, and no boundary to the south.

:: Two Flag - Bunker Hill :

Two Flag - Bunker Hill : There are two flag stations along the creek (in the valley) on the north and south ends of the field. Go get the enemy flag and bring it back to win. This little lesson teaches everyone the value of flanking and high ground.

Rookie HINT : Watch your flanks! And don't bunch up in the middle in the low ground. Shooting uphill puts you at a disadvantage fighting the bad guys and gravity.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : property line and road

Search & Destroy - BUNKER HILL:

Search & Destroy - BUNKER HILL: For this game the refs "volunteer" a few victims (15% to 20% w/ lots of experience) and send them out on Bunker Hill and give them a few minutes to hide. Then they turn a vastly superior force loose to find them. This is a great way for a group of new players to get a little pay back. -- This is another OldSchool Game dating back to 1986.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : property line and road and the Bunker Hill Base as the south line.

Rookie HINT : Move as ONE. A skirmish line works well to sweep an area. The ambushers love stragglers. Shooting uphill puts you at a disadvantage fighting the bad guys and gravity.

:: The Alamo

Attack the Base at BUNKER HILL: Placing a small number of defenders inside the bunkerhill base, the numerically superior force works it's way up hill to take the Texas flag hanging behind the base. The defenders fight to keep the attackers at bay and away from stealing the flag. The attackers continually respawn by crossing the boarder (the creek) at the foot of bunker hill untill time expires or until they cross with the flag to win the game. 

Time Limit: 11 mins
Boundaries : property line - defenders must be inside the base unless flag is stolen.

:: Werewolf on Bunker Hill & Antietam
(Del 2005)

Werewolf on Bunker Hill & Antietam: Using the two fields and the road as boundary everyone is marked with survey tape on the front of the mask - These are the Humans.

1 to 4 werewolves are left tapeless. The werewolves are allowed to go on the fields early to hide and set their ambushes up. They take two shots to become eliminated, or one head shot.

If a werewolf shoots a human, the human has 5 seconds to move to safety and remove his tape and to howl loudly as he joins the werewolf team. These "subwerewolves" then only require one shot to become eliminated from the game.

The game ends when there are only humans or werewolves left.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : property line and road

Rookie HINT : Stay packed up close and quickly overwhelm lone werewolves - watch out for crossfire.

Reffing Tip : This is a pretty complicated game, and should be left for late in the day - but it is a lot of fun! also see Vampires in the Graveyard.


The tower sits in the middle of the property, and in surrounded by a shallow trench. Generally we don't play boundaries when playing tower games.

Hostage Rescue at The Tower - fight through the defenders (20%) to rescue the poor 25 gallon plastic drums from their peril. This game forces at least a little teamwork and communication as the tower is VERY DEFENSIBLE and only a coordinated attack will subdue it. Likewise defending it against superior numbers is no cakewalk, particularly after you loose a few teammates.

The Amazing Tree of Life - not to be confused with any religious symbolism, but more like a really fast medic. Get hit, go back to the tree of life and go back in. This variation is GREAT for groups of new players to help them stay in the game and bolster a little bravery. Thumper came up with this variation in '96 to help the newer players have more fun.

Time Limit: 9 minutes with 4 minute tree of line
Boundaries : none.

Attacker HINT : Work together in small groups using overwhelming & coordinated fire to advance. And watch out for the Duck Box!!!


No Mans Land is just north of the tower. It was cleared with the dirt piles pushed to the north and south. The field is surrounded by woods - becoming very thick to the north and northeast. It is pretty flat - dropping off to far east. In the middle sits 4 large plastic cubes that make questionable cover - left only for the very brave, and ambitious types.

The games listed below are frequently played as a set using the remote staging area to remote stage - and as a place to go when eliminated - so bring a little extra paint, a rag for your goggles and some water.

:: NO Mans Land - 2 Flag

NO Mans Land - 2 Flag : This game is played with two flags using the cross roads and the monolith and flag stations. To time limit, no boundaries (except property line) - The Tower & Fort Apache are in play. Objective: Go get the bad guys flag and bring it back.

Rookie HINT : Work together and Watch your flanks! Things get pretty thick up north, and you don't want to go in there solo. You wont last long. Move together using crossfire to your advantage.

This is proving to be a great field for experiencing the need for teamwork.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Night of the Living Dead (Thumper 2005)

Night of the Living Dead :

The the late 1950's during the height of the cold war, the American and Soviet governments were experimenting with several classified reanimation agents - in short, bringing the dead back to life. Fortunately for us all, the experimentaion stopped, and the project canceled. Recently 5 barrels containing the reanimate agent and viable ZOMBIES were discovered, and both countries are fighting for their recovery.

One team in Ft Apache and one team in the Tower. Barrels distributed inbetween.

Objective control the most barrels at the end of 15 minutes.

Time Limit: none - 5 minute tree of life at starting point.
Boundaries : property line

:: COPS and ROBBERS (Thumper 2005)

COPS and ROBBERS : Starting one team at the Monolith and one team at the Cross Roads and one team at Fort Apache (The Cops), the three teams try and steal "the ice" from the middle of No Mans ("Main Street"), returning it to there home base.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Ho CHI Minh Trail (Thumper 2005)

Ho CHI Minh Trail : Two Flag: This is a simple two flag game with an incredible twist. One flag goes 50' to the east of Ft Apache and the other at the flag station at Sherwood Forest and the objective it to get the enemy flag and return it. The twist is the trail is nice and all, but surrounded on both sides by very thick woods, limiting visibility to less than 50 feet in some places. There is a nearby property line rope to the north.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

HINT : This game is a hunter's DREAM. If you don't listen well to the woods, you could be in big trouble. If you are loud, and noisy - you may not last very long.



The village has 6 buildings measuring 8'x8' and it sits high above the POW camp. The POW Camp is an island made by a creek that is always full of water, ranging from ankle deep at parts to waist deep at others. On occasion it floods its banks and helps keep the POW camp feeling swampy, with lots of low growth. The camp is bordered on the east, north and west by the creek and on the south by the boundary rope. One sturdy wooden bridge connects it to the mainland - but only wimps use bridges..

Just north of the village is a large firebase (called south base), measuring 60' by 40' and armed with two considerable pill boxes.

:: X-games (Del)

One team starts and respawns at South Base. It's objective is to retreive the flag located at the west village flag station and hang it in the village. The other team starts and respawns at the "speedball to village" insert area. It's objective is to retrieve the flag located at the east village flag station and return it to the village. This game is total respawn. It teaches teamwork in a critical way.

Time Limit: none with total respawn 
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Switch (Del)

Teams start at east villiage and west village locations. Two flags hang midfield-one at village center, the other at POW camp center. Each team has an objective of hanging their desinated flag at the other flags location.

You can't touch the other teams flag, just use it as sniper bait. And as always drop the flag if your eleminated.


:: Andromeda Strain (Mylo 2005)

Andromeda Strain -- As the story goes the American military was looking for new biological weapons - and were launching probes into near earth orbits scooping up orbiting dust looking for alien viruses - under codename project Scoop. The probes would crash back to earth and the contents examined. One of these probes landed here, and apparently we found something - driving all town residents insane.

Everyone splits into 2 man teams, each team initially inside one of the buildings in the village. The last team (or man) standing wins. This game teaches bunker tagging and urban combat.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Control the POW CAMP (v.2 Del)

Control The POW Camp : With each team at opposite ends of the village (east & west), the whistle blows and who ever controls the island for 2 strait mins wins. Total respawn game that teaches you the need to get back in the fight. 

Boundaries : none except property line.

:: Attack/Defend the Island (v.2 Del) 

Attack the Island : placing one team in the Island, and the attackers up at the village, the attackers try to penetrate the defenses and cross the creek and take the POW camp. The defenders try to hold it. This game has been played more or less unchanged since 1987. Frequently played with 5 minute tree of life using one of the back buildings as the tree and defenders released after tree of life expires. 

Defender Tip: Put guys in the creek to start - Watch the tape lines for sneaky guys! Once enemy players are in the creek, dig in and get mean.

Time Limit: 11 to 15 minutes with 5 minute tree of life for the attackers.
Boundaries : none except property line - Defenders can leave the POW camp when tree of life expires for attackers.

:: The Funnel of Fun (Del) 

One team starts and respawns at South Base. The other at "speedball to village" insert area. A lone flag hangs at the POW camp. Both teams fight to hang that flag in the village. Total respawn until flag is hung. 

Time Limit: none - total respawn
Boundaries : none except property line      


:: The President Game

The President Game : Gugaluga is bent on enslaving the galaxy and must be stopped. The Defenders of Earth must seek and eliminate the leader before he can escape the planet. Gugaluga's president has his body guards who are escorting him to his mother ship are in a hasty retreat - and they must be stopped before they reach the ship. --

The president usually get to wear a white jacket to signify his status.

Variations include Starting the president at the Tower, to escape at the POW camp or village. Or starting at the monolith on Bunker Hill to escape at the insertion point on Antietam.

This is another Old School Game dating back to before 1991.

(This game is great for a birthday boy in need of some special attention. )

Time Limit: 20 minutes
Boundaries : none except property line

::  The Great Race

 -We have three flag stations located on the map above called Pizza Hut and Waffle House and east village. A lone flag is hung at Waffle house. Teams start at the other two locations. It's a race to retrieve the flag and hang it on the other teams flag station.

Twists: 2 team spicific flags are hung at waffle house - can't touch enemy flag. Or, small 3rd force mans Waffle house and wins if neither flags are hung. Or, team Pizza Hut puts a lone wolf at South base and Team east village places a sniper at the tower before the whistle blows. Or any combination of the above. 
Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Vampires in the Graveyard (Del 2005)

Vampires in the Graveyard : Played like werewolf, one to three vampires start down in the Graveyard, and the humans must eliminate them - two shots each, or one head shot.

If a human is shot, they pull their tape,and become vampires also - but only require one shot to be eliminated.

Game is played until one side is all vampires, or until all vampires are eliminated.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

:: Indian Hills - Center Flag

Indian Hills - Center Flag - This game is played between Sherwood Forest Vs Radar Station - Center Flag . These two flag stations are both up on pretty large hills with a center flag placed down in the valley between. What makes this game interesting is the small distance between the flag stations, but the incredible hills one must climb to hang the flag - fighting up hill as you go. We don't play it often, but this game is awesome.

Everyone please watch for stump holes and
don't run off path.

Time Limit: none
Boundaries : none except property line

NEW : Missing In Action (Thumper 2005)

I ws reading through Otter's Customs list of games and this was inspired by his Hostage Rescue game..

Send the VC to Fort Apache with a flag to hide in any of the following locations:

Ft Apache, The Fuel Dump, The Cross Roads, The Grave Yard. They may defend the MIA in anyway they see fit.

Walk the Mercs to the plane at the tower

The year is 1972 - and the US military is covering up the reports of several hundred American MIAs being held in Vietnam and Laos. You are tasked with locating and rescuing any MIAs you can find in 30 minutes. Intelligence source reports U2 spy plane sightings of activity at the following camps:

Ft Apache, The Fuel Dump, The Cross Roads, The Grave Yard.

And your reconnaissance plane has crashed - A helicopter will be here in 30 minutes to extract you and your package - don't be late.

Time Limit: 30 minutes - tree of life for Mercs for 15 minutes at the plane.
Boundaries : none except property line.