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Organizations need strong confident leaders - organizations also need people to follow instructions, to work efficiently together, to cooperate and communicate, to handle stress and even delegate effectively.

Exercises "on the job" frequently come at a high price - and for this reason organization leaders value structured team building exercises as a way to learn what pieces of their organizational puzzle are out of whack, or underutilized, or under-appreciated.

Paintball as a team building exercise provides a fun vehicle for working your organization into well oiled machine - revealing hidden abilities that may be overlooked in the day to day grind. There is no magic combination or drill that fits every need - so having a goal in mind is usually a good step when planning on outing.

One conversation with a current customer asked the question:

Do you want to focus on:

  • exposing hidden leaders
  • being good followers
  • cooperative squads
  • person-to-person trust building
  • stress testing
  • overall unit integrity
  • building comradare

TriggerTyme can provide your group a games director and even orchestrate a few games to help work on any aspect (or combination) you desire. We have a few veteran players can can obey instruction and help play op-force as needed. Most of these guys play with pump markers, relying on speed, teamwork and cunning to win.

To book a group event, just contact the field. Robbie and/or Del can hook you up. For a customized day out, etc - you may want to contact Thumper on pbjunkie.com and ask him to put a games menu together for your group and possibly play games director.